Innovation Specialists
Vendor Performance Optimization
 Driving Efficiencies... Effectiveness... Revenue Opportunity

Consumers, Patients, Caregivers, Healthcare Professionals

In effect, we reduce costs, increase ROI... while increasing sales, and expanding revenue opportunity

We work directly with your vendors to insure communications programs fit your strategy, and processes are efficient and effective

Innovations-Driven Behavior & Communications Architecture Strategists - Industry Thought Leaders

The HI Edge goes beyond standard benefit-based program communications

We retain more than 10,000 hours providing emotions-based strategy to all Healthcare Professionals and Consumer programs.

Programs include NEW qPAC (Quadrant Prioritization and Characterization), Predisposition Modeling and Continuum-of-Change program that combine your internal analytics to create combined benefit-based and emotions programs.  

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RJ Dynamics, LLC does business as Health Initiatives