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The Human Consideration

Emotional & Behavioral Engagement... Plus Product Benefits... Drive HCP and Patient Thinking

IMPORTANT FACT: Rarely Do Humans React ONLY to Benefits-based Communications


Product benefits-based communications and education can only go so far.  Several companies have taken to using Health Initiatives to incorporate emotions into their messaging strategies.


Of course, we recognize that product benefits can and do drive HCP and patient decision-making.  However, we recognize, too, the value of how emotions significantly influence what actions people take when it comes to deciding whether to choose a product or comply with healthcare or drug regimens, for example.  Our studies show they play a major part in achieving better healthcare.


A few stats n' facts


Numerous studies conducted by Health Initiatives of both HCPs and Patients/Caregivers have shown that:

It is as important to be "ON EMOTION" as it is to be "ON STRATEGY"

Nearly 50% of the patient population reacts to common sense...

But more than 70% of the patient population reacts to some form of emotional stimulation

There is a specific model for success for each consumer and patient population segment 

Emotions are sometimes 10 times more important

Promotion and Advertising - We'll Help with the Content


Health Initiatives works closely with your ad agency to produce emotionally driven sales-related materials, journal ads, direct response, web content, and virtually any other promotional vehicle.  We'll take it off your hands... than place it back in them.



Behavioral Engagement Experience


We have worked with some of the largest healthcare companies in the world.  Our current clients have engaged us again and again because - we'd like to think - that we can be trusted to only have their interests in mind.  And, we are priced fairly.



Tactical Sampling of Unique Emotional and Benefits-based Strategy


Health Initiatives has found ways to convert patients.  Our techniques include:


Power segmentation - intense focus on personalized market segmentation

Emotional engagement - appealing to right side of the brain

Clinical engagement - we worry about the other side of the brain, too

Communications Series Modeling for ideal advertising and education impact



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