Stepping In... Then Stepping Out

AD HOC and longer term engagements.  When you need expertise, we step in, then...  

Once we're done - and you're satisfied - we make ourselves available for future initiatives.  

Our Support Services

HI Client-side Marketing, Sales, Sales Management, Marketing 
HI Research & Analytics
HI Senior-level Advertising Management - HCP, Consumer & Patient      Experts in Behavioral Engagement
HI Worked with 10 Major Pharma Companies & Professional Vendors
HI Multiple Disease Category Experience
HI Multiple Launches & Re-launches: Drugs, Devices, Diagnostics

Healthcare Company VENDORS & Partners

HI Content, Strategy, Tactical Development and Analytics
HI Highly Advanced Behavioral Engagement Communications Strategies
HI Account Staff Training & Support 


HI Communications Architecture (i.e., Ensuring Your Vendors are  Functioning Efficiently & Effectively)
HI Commercialization - Marketing & Sales Strategy, Go-to-Market & RE-  Marketing Analysis, Advertising (Digital, Traditional, Portal), Project  Management, Outcomes Analysis (ROI)
HI Field Sales Implementation (i.e., Ensuring Sales & Marketing Work in  Tandem with Maximum Synergies)
HI Field Analysis - In-field Research, HCP Customer & Consumer  Strategy